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Tips for Sleeping after a Breast Procedure

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After undergoing a breast procedure such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, or breast reconstruction, early ambulation and increasing activity is usually encouraged. However, when you are resting, how you position yourself may allow for better healing, and internationally-known plastic surgeon, Dr. Jay Orringer, offers some valuable advice regarding this.

Sleep on Your Back

Particularly in the first few weeks after surgery, sleeping on your back, while usually wearing a surgical bra, allows the breasts to heal in a more comfortable and desirable position. Sleeping on your stomach or side may put pressure on the breasts, including any implants, and can result in an early undesirable shifting of your implants. If you habitually sleep on your stomach or side, Dr. Orringer suggests that you consider practice sleeping on your back in the weeks leading up to your surgery.

Typically, patients can safely resume their preferred sleeping style four to six weeks after surgery. Some women may discover that their sleep preferences have changed after a breast procedure. For example, some women with breast implants may find it more comfortable to sleep on their sides rather than their stomachs.

Use Multiple Pillows to Elevate Your Head

Positioning your head slightly above your body while you sleep serves a couple of purposes simultaneously. Firstly, having two or three pillows supporting your neck makes it more difficult for you to roll onto your side or stomach during the night, even unconsciously. Secondly, this elevated position may feel more comfortable as it decreases swelling.

Take Steps to Promote Better Sleep

Your body does much of its healing while you are asleep. Therefore, it is important to prioritize a good night’s sleep. To better assure falling asleep more easily, avoid caffeinated beverages and foods, such as coffee, tea, sodas, and chocolate in the evening prior to sleep. Set the thermostat to a temperature at which you are most comfortable and use fresh linens. Do not look at your phone or watch TV in the hour before you go to bed, as the blue light that emanates from these devices may interfere with sleep.

Consult with Dr. Orringer

Dr. Orringer considers it a privilege to share in your care, which includes suggestions, both before and after surgery, to potentially optimize healing.

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