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Is Breast Reduction Considered Permanent?

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Breast Reduction Beverly Hills

Women with especially large breasts who complain of back, neck, and shoulder pain and body disproportion, may consider having breast reduction surgery. One of the most common questions they investigate while researching this procedure is whether breast reduction is permanent. Internationally known Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Jay Orringer, provides perspectives to that question in this blog.

Aspects of Breast Reduction Are Permanent for Many Patients

During breast reduction surgery, Dr. Orringer elevates the nipples and removes excess skin and underlying breast tissue. Unless a woman gains considerable weight, much of the volume reduction remains permanently. In addition, while the skin will stretch and the nipples will drop in position over time, there typically remains a higher nipple position and a more youthful, pleasing appearance to the breasts. Unlike other breast procedures, such as breast augmentation, where secondary procedures are expected, breast reduction patients often enjoy the smaller size of their breasts for the rest of their lives.

Some cases of breast tissue growth can occur among young breast reduction patients who had their surgery performed before their breasts were fully developed. Therefore, many plastic surgeons encourage patients to wait until they are done with puberty to have this surgery performed.

Exceptions That Can Re-Enlarge the Breasts

Women who gain a significant amount of weight after having breast reduction may see their breasts grow in size. Breasts are largely comprised of fat, so with weight gain, the existing fat cells will enlarge.

Women can also see their breasts grow if they become pregnant. New tissue develops in the second trimester to prepare for breastfeeding. These breasts remain large until nursing is complete, at which point they typically get smaller — though not necessarily as small as they were prior to the pregnancy.

The breasts can also grow as a result of a fluctuation in hormones. Certain medications or menopause can trigger these changes.

The Lifting Effect Doesn’t Last Forever

Every breast reduction surgery Dr. Orringer performs incorporates elements of breast lift. Larger breasts are more susceptible to the effects of gravity.

While the new volume of the breasts may remain similar over the years, the same is not true of the breasts’ elevation. All women, regardless of whether they have had breast surgery, inevitably experience breast sagging due to aging and stretching of the skin. If, in the future, a patient is no longer satisfied with the position of her breasts, she may decide to have a breast lift to address these issues.

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