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Large breasts are often considered a sign of femininity and attractiveness, but there may come a point when you may consider your breasts too large and they start to negatively impact your life. They can make you self-conscious. In addition, large breasts can lead to physical issues such as lower and upper back pain, neck pain, and painful grooves in the shoulders from the bra straps. They may also interfere with normal activities such as exercise.

If you feel like the size of your breasts is interfering with your life, breast reduction may be a great option to potentially decrease these physical burdens and help you feel more self-confident and comfortable.

Dr. Jay Orringer is a board certified plastic surgeon with more than 25 years of experience performing breast reduction procedures. You can learn about your options and find out if breast reduction is right for you by speaking to Dr. Orringer in person. Please call (310) 697-7163 today to schedule a consultation at our Beverly Hills plastic surgery office.


Is Breast Reduction Right for Me?

There are a number of physical and psychological reasons why you may want to reduce the size of your breasts:

  • You experience chronic back or neck pain due to the weight of your breasts
  • Your bra straps create painful grooves in your shoulders
  • Your breasts interfere with your ability to perform daily activities
  • The weight of your breasts causes you to experience posture issues
  • Your breast size limits your ability to perform athletic activities
  • You have difficulty finding clothing that fits you well
  • Your very large breasts cause you to receive unwanted attention and make you feel self-conscious
  • Your breasts result in feeling unattractive, matronly, or overweight

If you experience any of the above-mentioned issues, then you may be an ideal candidate for breast reduction.

Breast Reduction | Breast Surgery | Beverly Hills, CABenefits of Breast Reduction

You may find that having smaller breasts results in a variety of improvements regarding the way you feel, your appearance, comfort, and lifestyle. Breast reduction may potentially provide the following benefits:

  • Improvement in chronic pain and improved overall physical comfort
  • Ability to perform athletic activities with greater ease
  • Look and feel better and more proportionate in clothing
  • Improved self-confidence and a more positive body image

Your Breast Reduction Procedure

The goal of your breast reduction procedure is to achieve a breast shape that is smaller, lighter, and more attractive. During your procedure, Dr. Orringer will remove excess skin, fatty tissue, and glandular breast tissue in order to reduce your breast size.

Please contact Dr. Jay Orringer at The Renaissance Medical Center for Aesthetic Surgery, Inc. using the form on this page or call (310) 697-7163 today to schedule your breast reduction consultation. We serve patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Hollywood, California, nationally, and internationally.


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