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How Often Do Breast Implants Need to Be Replaced?

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Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills

Women who choose to augment their breasts with implants may achieve long-lasting — but not permanent — results. Although modern breast implants are durable, they do require maintenance. Therefore, it is important for breast augmentation patients, as well as women who are considering this surgery, to understand this concept. Dr. Jay Orringer, a double board-certified plastic surgeon, explains this situation in detail.

Breast Implants Do Not Have a Definitive Expiration Date

In some women, breast implants often safely remain intact for 10-15 years and sometimes longer. However, over time, breast implants often require replacement for a number of reasons, including implant rupture, scar tissue hardening (capsular contracture around the implant), and cosmetic revision. It is quickly apparent when a saline implant deflates. However, it is often much less apparent when a silicone gel implant ruptures. Although it is not uncommon to find silent rupture on imaging, if identified, it is currently recommended that ruptured implants be replaced in patients deemed to be medically safe to undergo replacement surgery.

The Benefits of Breast Revision

Many patients decide to have breast revision 10 to 20 years after their original breast augmentation or reconstructive surgery so that they may continue enjoying the cosmetic benefits. While some women opt to maintain a similar look, implant revision is a good opportunity for women to make changes to the size, shape, or texture of their implants, if they so choose.

Breast ptosis, or sagging, becomes more common with age. Accordingly, many women decide to undergo breast lift with revision of their implants.

Occasionally, some women may decide to have revision surgery sooner because they wish to potentially improve upon previous results. Patients are frequently referred to Dr. Orringer for breast augmentation and reconstruction revisions.

In the case of breast reconstruction, some women choose to have Dr. Orringer replace their old breast implants with their own tissue, often combining a tummy tuck-like procedure to create a more natural looking and feeling breast.

Choose a Specialist When You Are Ready to Remove and/or Replace Your Implants

Breast augmentation revision is a more complex procedure than an initial breast augmentation because the tissue has already undergone surgery. For that reason, patients should choose an experienced surgeon who specializes in complex breast revision procedures. Dr. Orringer has more than 35 years of experience with complex breast augmentation and reconstruction surgery.

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