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Angelina Jolie’s Breast Reconstruction Surgeon, Dr. Jay Orringer, Speaks Out About the Team Approach to Breast Reconstruction for Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day

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Prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jay S. Orringer, the surgeon who recently performed breast reconstruction surgery for Ms. Angelina Jolie, has been making headlines lately for his efforts to raise awareness about breast reconstruction following mastectomy.

Since Ms. Jolie shared her story, Dr. Orringer reports that his practice has seen an increase in “women who are saying, ‘I was inspired by [Angelina Jolie’s story] to get gene testing.’” Ms. Jolie’s story has been instrumental in spreading awareness about breast cancer prevention, including gene testing. Dr. Orringer would like to emphasize the importance of implementing the “team approach” in the care of women with breast cancer and those considering prophylactic mastectomies.

Dr. Orringer Speaks About the Team Approach to Breast Cancer Care (Video)

Taking the Team Approach to Breast Reconstruction

With the team approach to breast care, a group of medical specialists collaborate and formulate a comprehensive treatment plan that best suits each individual patient. The patient is the captain of her team, with her health care providers working with her to arrive at the treatment plan with which she is most comfortable. This team of specialists typically includes a surgical oncologist, a plastic surgeon, a medical oncologist, a radiation oncologist, a radiologist, a geneticist, a physical therapist and support groups, among others.

Why Is the Early Involvement of a Plastic Surgeon Important?

As part of the team approach, the plastic surgeon and the general surgeon should work closely to plan incisions and other aspects of surgical treatment. The plastic surgeon performs breast reconstruction, taking into account the effects that radiation treatment has had on the breast. Early involvement of the plastic surgeon can be beneficial for any patient choosing between breast conservation with radiation treatment or mastectomy with reconstruction. Advancements in breast reconstruction, including nipple-sparing mastectomies, more aesthetically appealing incisions, an expanding variety of breast implants and use of one’s own tissues, have led to an increase in the number of available reconstruction options, making the involvement of the team even more integral to comprehensive breast cancer care.

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