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How Menopause Affects the Breasts

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There are a few times in a young woman’s life when she is more likely to seek a cosmetic breast procedure, including after losing a significant amount of weight and after pregnancy. Among older women, peri-menopausal related changes may influence the decision to have cosmetic surgery of the breasts. Hormonal fluctuations can change the breasts, impacting some women more than others. Dr. Jay Orringer, an internationally-known Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, shares some of the changes women may notice once menopause occurs and their possible treatment.

Changes That Occur Around Menopause

The Breasts Become Softer

A woman’s body produces lower levels of estrogen once menopause starts. As a result, tissue in the breast starts converting to fat. Fat is softer than breast tissue, so the breasts will feel (and look) less firm than they did during a woman’s reproductive age.

Breasts Often Change Volume

The same decrease in estrogen is often responsible for an overall decrease in breast size. At menopause, the body stops supporting the system that produces breastmilk, which causes the mammary glands to shrink. For many women, the breasts appear smaller, with less volume overall. In some women, the increased fat within the breasts may be associated with an increase in breast size, particularly if weight gain occurs.

The Breasts Sag

When breasts gain fat and lose density, it is likely that some amount of breast ptosis, or drooping, will occur. Aging is also a major factor in sagging of the breasts. The body slowly decreases its production of collagen as it gets older. As breast skin becomes lax from diminished collagen, ptosis can occur, often coinciding with and amplifying the effects of menopause.

Surgery Can Address Some of These Changes

Although these changes to the breasts are perfectly normal, many women wish to regain a breast shape and appearance that better resembles that which they had during their reproductive years.

Breast lift is popular among menopausal women who want to counteract some of the changes of breast ptosis. Dr. Orringer may elevate the nipples and decrease the amount of hanging lower breast skin, creating a more youthful appearance.

Breast augmentation is the procedure of choice for women looking to increase the fullness and volume in their breasts. Saline-filled and silicone gel implants (including gummy bear) provide a variety of available options.

Dr. Orringer frequently combines breast lift and breast augmentation to better achieve the patient’s aesthetic goals.

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