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Preparing For Your Tummy Tuck Surgery

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Despite your best efforts to improve the appearance of your stomach through diet and exercise, you may look in the mirror and find that your abdominal region does not have the appearance that you desire. Excess abdominal skin and fat, and muscle separation are common concerns for many people which can be caused by factors such as pregnancy, weight fluctuation, and genetics. A tummy tuck may be in your best interest if you are not seeing the results that you want from your diet and exercise program.

This checklist can help you navigate the steps involved with pursuing a tummy tuck. If you are considering this body contouring procedure, you will need to:

  • Woman with toned stomachUnderstand the basics: By doing some initial research, you can gain insight into the tummy tuck procedure. A basic understanding of the surgery and its potential benefits can help you evaluate if a tummy tuck may help you achieve your goals.

    Dr. Orringer’s main tummy tuck page has a lot of useful information that can help educate you regarding the basics of tummy tuck surgery.

  • Choose a surgeon: Dr. Jay Orringer is double-board certified through both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. With thirty years of tummy tuck experience, he recognizes that every patient has unique concerns and considerations. Through detailed consultation, he will help you arrive at a personalized treatment approach geared at helping you achieve your goals.  
  • Schedule a consultation: If you are considering undergoing tummy tuck surgery, please contact double board-certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jay Orringer at 310-273-1663 for an individualized consultation.

We welcome patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Hollywood, California, as well as nationally and internationally.  

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