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Common Misconceptions About Breast Lift

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Breast Lift Misconceptions in Beverly Hills

Consult a plastic surgeon: people should not believe everything they read or hear about cosmetic surgical procedures, particularly when that information comes from someone other than a board-certified plastic surgeon. During some consultations, double-board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jay Orringer finds that he needs to debunk common misconceptions so that his patients can have a more accurate understanding of the procedure(s) that interest them. In this blog, he addresses some of the most common misconceptions he has heard about breast lift.

Misconception #1: Breast Lift Changes the Size of the Breasts

Breast lift’s primary objective is to elevate the nipples and improve the shape of the breasts, often providing a more youthful appearance. While a lifted breast tends to have a fuller-appearing, rounder shape, the volume of the breasts does not increase. Women who wish to have breasts that are both higher and larger can accomplish this goal by combining breast lift with breast augmentation. Sometimes fat grafting from liposuctioned fat is added to provide limited increase in breast size. While breast lift elevates nipple position and decreases lower hanging tissue, it does not typically produce a significant long-term increase in upper breast volume without the addition of an implant.

Misconception #2: Breast Lift Is Only for Older Women

Breast lift is most popular with women in their 40s and 50s because that is usually when skin laxity has progressed to the point where the aging breasts become more noticeably droopy. However, some women have prematurely loose breast skin due to genetics, pregnancy, or weight loss. Accordingly, it is appropriate for these women to seek breast lift at a younger age.

Misconception #3: Scarring Makes Breast Lift Not Worthwhile

Most forms of plastic surgery require incisions, which do leave some scarring. Plastic surgeons usually attempt to place most incisions on the breasts in less conspicuous locations such as the perimeter of the areolas and along the lower breast fold. The most visible scar is often a vertical line below the nipple to the fold. Scarring usually fades significantly over time and typically cannot be seen under clothing (including bras and swimsuits), so most women often find the breast lift scars to be an acceptable tradeoff for the improvement in shape. Still, each patient must evaluate her acceptance of the scars.

Misconception #4: Breast Lift Is Permanent

Breast lift can improve breast appearance for many years. However, the surgery does not pause the aging process. Over time, the skin produces less collagen and elastin, two proteins that are responsible for giving skin its elastic-like quality. The lifted breasts are also, again, subject to gravity and the skin laxity that existed before and after the surgery. While many women remain pleased with the ongoing improvement for many years, some may choose to have a retightening of the breasts later in life.

Misconception #5: Bottle-Feeding a Child Can Prevent Breast Sagging and Negate the Need for Breast Lift

Women who have children are more susceptible to breast sagging. The breasts expand during pregnancy to prepare for lactation. The skin stretches to accommodate the larger size of the breasts, regardless of whether the woman decides to breast-feed or not. This stretching of the skin and tissues often leads to sagging of the breasts.

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