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Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Surgeon Dr. Jay Orringer Thanks Both Her & Saks Fifth Avenue for Their Support of the AiRS Foundation

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Dr. Jay Orringer and Julia Louis-Dreyfus at the Saks Fifth Avenue Key to the Cure event
Ms. Janet Denlinger, Founding Member, Dr. Jay Orringer, Board Member Ms. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Honoree, Rod Rohrich, Founding Member, Ms. Morgan Hare, Founding Member

The Saks Fifth Avenue Key to the Cure event in New York City, on October 18, 2018, was a truly memorable evening.  The event celebrated the beautiful spirit, resilience, and benevolence of an American icon and an extraordinary individual, Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  In honor of Julia, Saks Fifth Avenue made a generous contribution to the AiRS Foundation that will be a “game-changer” for the charity.   AiRS is a resource and support system for women requiring mastectomy, offering education regarding surgical options.  It may also assist with the cost of breast reconstruction for those who qualify.  As Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ surgeon and an AiRS Foundation board member, I am honored to know and care for her, and I am very grateful for her genuine kindness and concern for others.  Her continued smile, strength, sense of humor, and determination in dealing with great challenge has deeply inspired all who know her and so many others.  I am also extremely appreciative for the wonderful generosity of Saks Fifth Avenue in making the event and donation a reality.  As this October draws to a close, it is my hope that, going forward, every month will be a month of Breast Cancer Awareness and that, as a result of increasing awareness, more breast cancers will be prevented or detected at an earlier stage.  I encourage all who are inclined to do so to consider the AiRS Foundation or other worthwhile charities that are working for a breast cancer cure or helping those already affected.  To inquire about AiRS services or to make a donation, please go to the website:  Again, I express my sincerest appreciation to Julia Louis-Dreyfus and to Saks Fifth Avenue for their tremendous caring and generosity.        


Jay S. Orringer, M.D., F.A.C.S.

AiRS Foundation Board Member

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