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Choosing the Right Breast Implant Size - Beverly Hills plastic surgeonChoosing the right breast implant size is one of the most important decisions you'll have to make regarding your breast augmentation procedure. While there are a range of implant sizes which can potentially deliver beautiful results for your body type, the right option for you will depend on a variety of factors.

Some of the factors you should consider when choosing a breast implant size include:

  • Your height, weight, chest and breast dimensions
  • Your desired final breast size
  • How much natural breast tissue you possess
  • Your lifestyle

Lifestyle factors are particularly important, and you should discuss these with Dr. Orringer during your initial consultation. If you lead a very active and athletic lifestyle, a more moderately sized breast implant may potentially provide a better outcome since it is less likely to interfere with your ability to participate in your favorite athletic activities.

It's also important to understand that breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters (cc's), not by cup size. There are several reasons for using cc's as the standard unit of measurement:

  • There is no standard bra size measurement adopted by all manufacturers. A D-cup bra from Victoria's Secret may be different than a D-cup bra from Bravissimo.
  • By utilizing the metric system, cc's provide for a more objective and standardized measurement system.

There are a wide range of breast implant sizes available. You can choose an implant as small as 120 cc's and one as large as approximately 850 cc's. In most instances, Dr. Orringer will recommend a size somewhere in between these extremes.

As a frame of reference, it takes approximately 200 cc's to achieve an increase in one cup size for smaller bra sizes. For larger bra sizes (36 and above), it may potentially take a larger breast implant volume to achieve a similar increase of 1 cup size.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Orringer will listen carefully to your goals and evaluate your body type in order to recommend the breast implant size which he feels will most likely deliver the outcome you desire.

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