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Choosing Mommy Makeover

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Mommy makeover in Beverly HillsMommy makeover is a combination of surgical techniques that target the redundant skin and fat and the separated abdominal muscles that may follow pregnancy. Mommy makeover also may address the sagging and loss of volume of the breasts often seen following cessation of breast-feeding. From tummy tuck to breast augmentation and lift, available options may help a woman significantly improve her post-pregnancy figure.

Internationally known, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jay Orringer has a broad depth of experience spanning more than 30 years, making him a preferred choice for mommy makeover in Beverly Hills, Southern California and beyond.

Changes During Pregnancy

During the nine months of pregnancy, tremendous stretching of the abdominal wall occurs in response to the enlarging uterus. Considerable redundancy of skin, stretch marks (striae), as well as separation of the abdominal muscles, often occurs. Localized fat deposits may occur in association with weight gain. Each of these issues is typically addressed in a tummy tuck combined with liposuction. Sagging and deflation of the breasts may be addressed with breast augmentation, in combination with breast lift.

Multiple Choices

Dr. Orringer offers proven solutions for each of these common concerns. Often multiple procedures can be performed in a single operation. Mothers select options based upon their specific aesthetic issues that have resulted from their pregnancies. Popular choices include liposuction, to target specific areas of stubborn fat; abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), to remove excess skin and fat and to repair the separated abdominal wall muscles; breast augmentation, to restore lost volume; and breast lift, to elevate the nipple and reduce hanging excess breast tissues.

Timing Your Mommy Makeover

For new moms, the first step in choosing a procedure is to allow your body time to bounce back after pregnancy. Dr. Orringer recommends that you wait at least six months after childbirth before making any final decisions about surgery. At that point, you will better know how much of the weight gained during pregnancy was temporary and which areas are likely to benefit from mommy makeover. Genetics and, to some degree, lifestyle, will determine how quickly and to what degree you return to your pre-baby figure.

To learn more about mommy makeover, schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Orringer by calling 310-273-1663 or using our contact form. Dr. Orringer welcomes patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Newport Beach, Northern California, across the nation and throughout the world.

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