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Mommy Makeover Procedures Discussed by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jay Orringer

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Video Transcript: I’m often asked what procedures are actually involved in a mommy makeover. Typically, women complain after pregnancy of having excess skin and fat of the abdominal wall in addition to muscle laxity. As the tummy wall expands with pregnancy, the muscles are frequently separated and a tummy tuck approaches really all three components of what a woman often perceives as an aesthetic deformity. It addresses the excess skin, excess fat, and a bringing together of the separated muscles. So, a tummy tuck is a very frequent component of the mommy makeover. In addition, women complain of sagging of the breasts, they complain of a loss of fullness, particularly of the upper part of the breast. And so, breast augmentation is also a frequent component of the mommy makeover. In conjunction with the breast augmentation, a breast lift is frequently done. While a breast lift will elevate nipple position and decrease the amount of hanging, redundant skin, that procedure in and of itself will not typically produce a long-term increase in upper volume without the addition of an implant. So, the components of the mommy makeover most often are some form of tummy tuck and some form of aesthetic breast surgery. I’m Dr. Jay Orringer at the Renaissance Medical Center for Aesthetic Surgery. If you have questions regarding this procedure or any other plastic surgical procedure, please feel free to contact us at 310-273-1663 or visit our website at  

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