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Gynecomastia and Other Male Breast Procedures

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: I am asked, "Do you do male breast surgery?"

And the answer to that is, most certainly.

Men will have breast surgery in a variety of clinical situations today. Most often, I see male breast patients for a benign enlargement of the breasts called gynecomastia. That procedure may be treated with some form of liposuction to reduce the fatty component of the breast, sometimes in combination with a direct incision, which may be performed through a small incision around the lower part of the areola.

On occasion, particularly overweight individuals or patients who've had significant weight loss, there may be a tremendous amount of excess skin, similar to the situation that a woman may face with a drooping breast. An actual more aggressive removal of skin may be required.

The situation in male gynecomastia, however, in my practice, is most frequently that of an individual who is treated with some form of liposuction in combination with some excision of the thicker tissue directly beneath the nipple and areola.

There are other situations, however, in male patients, where breast surgery is done. For example, an occasional male patient will present for breast reconstruction. Particularly in the setting of BRCA patients where we know there are breast cancer genes that affect both males as well as females. The male with a breast cancer gene has a significantly increased risk of breast cancer in his lifetime. So should he develop a breast cancer, there is an occasional individual who will say, "I'd like to have my breast mound reconstructed, my nipple reconstructed." And there are techniques that are available for male reconstruction as well.

The technique that is most appropriate for a given situation and a given individual should best be determined after thorough discussion between the patient and his surgeon.

I'm Dr. Jay Orringer at The Renaissance Medical Center For Aesthetic Surgery. If you have questions regarding this procedure or any other plastic surgical procedure, please feel free to contact us at 310-273-1663, or visit our website at

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