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Scarring After Breast Augmentation

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Every breast augmentation patient appropriately asks, "Will there be scars after my breast augmentation surgery?", and the answer is yes. After every surgical procedure that involves an incision in the skin, a scar results.

However, there are a number of options that may be suitable for a given individual.

The most commonly-used approach in the breast augmentation includes an incision that is at or near the fold of the breast, around the lower portion of the areolar edge, or the armpit, or axilla. Each of the approaches has potential advantages and disadvantages that should be considered in the decision-making process.

The incision in the fold, some people argue, may be associated with a lower rate of what we call capsular contracture, or hardening of scar tissue around the implant because the ducts of the breasts are not divided using that approach. Whereas, when we go from an incision around the areolar edge, the milk ducts of the breast that have bacteria may be exposed to the implant during the placement of the implant, and this may contribute to hardening. However, both of these approaches are very suitable, commonly-used incisions that may be pleasing for a given patient.

In addition, an approach from the armpit or axilla is a commonly-used approach. Some patients prefer to avoid a scar on the breast. However, some surgeons would argue that the further the incision is from the point at which you actually what the implant placed, the more likely a suboptimal implant position is to occur. So, the incisional approach that is best for you should really be arrived at after thorough discussion between you and your surgeon.

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