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Breast Reconstruction Consultation

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The decision to undergo breast reconstruction can often be overwhelming. However, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jay Orringer is here to provide the care and guidance you need through every step of this major life event.

Breast Reconstruction: Preparation

Dr. Orringer will typically spend about 1 1/2-2 hours discussing your history, educating you with regard to options, examining you and helping you to formulate a plan. In addition to the nature of the current problem, a history of other issues such as heart or lung problems, diabetes, smoking, back problems, previous breast or abdominal surgery, personal or family history of bleeding or anesthetic problems will typically be addressed.

Examination will evaluate your current body type and build, breast size and shape, back and abdominal contour, previous breast and abdominal scars, pulses and other relevant considerations. At the completion of the history and physical examination and initial education process, Dr. Orringer will discuss with you his thoughts regarding the most reasonable and appropriate options.

This is often a challenging time filled with a considerable wealth of new information. Dr. Orringer realizes this and encourages you to ask any and every question at any time. He will discuss in detail with you, once again, the nature of the procedure at your pre-operative visit. If you require another visit in between, please do not hesitate to schedule one.

Breast Reconstruction: The Surgery

The mastectomy and first stage of reconstruction are performed in the in-patient hospital setting. Anesthesia will be administered by a Board Certified anesthesiologist. Prior to surgery, Dr. Orringer will make surgical topographical markings. Incisions will be designed with your input. Dr. Orringer will attempt to design scars to be hidden by your commonly worn clothing, as possible.

After surgery, you will be cared for by nurses skilled in the post-operative care of breast patients in the new wing of the hospital. Days hospitalized will be dependent upon the procedure, your overall health and support system following discharge. A customized booklet which discusses further the nature of the procedure chosen, the risks, pre-and post-operative instructions will be provided for you at your pre-operative visit.

Breast Reconstruction: Making the Decision

The decision regarding which form of breast reconstruction to undergo can be difficult, as each option has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Dr. Orringer will assist you as much as possible as you weigh your decision.

Again, please do not hesitate to ask questions. This is an important part of the education process. Every patient is truly unique and Dr. Orringer will try to individualize your treatment according to your goals, life situation, health and expectations. We consider it a privilege to share in your care.

If you would like more information on breast reconstruction, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Orringer to learn about all of your plastic surgery options, please call us at 310-273-1663 or fill out our online contact form today.

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