Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures performed at our Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice. For many women, it can have significant benefits, including the increased self-confidence that comes when you look and feel your best.

If you would like to improve your breast appearance, then breast augmentation may be an excellent option for you. You can find out whether you’re a candidate for breast augmentation by speaking with Dr. Jay Orringer in person. Please call (310) 697-7163 today to schedule a consultation at our Beverly Hills office.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Your new breast augmentation procedure can potentially help you achieve a more balanced and proportionate body contour, improving not only your breast appearance, but your overall appearance as well.

However, it’s important to understand that the benefits you may achieve after breast augmentation encompass much more than an increase in the size of your breasts. Other aesthetic benefits may potentially include:

  • Correction of breast asymmetry
  • Improved breast shape
  • More attractive cleavage
  • Better breast projection
  • Restoration of lost breast volume caused by aging, pregnancy, or weight loss
  • Increase in wardrobe options
  • Improved appearance in clothing and bathing suits

Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Dr. Orringer will typically spend at least an hour discussing your medical history and goals. He will also perform a thorough examination to evaluate your:

  • Current breast size and shape
  • Degree of sagging
  • Nature of the skin tone
  • Breast and chest wall asymmetry

Based on this evaluation, he will explain the different options available to you and make customized recommendations regarding potential:

If you are undergoing breast augmentation revision, Dr. Orringer will also address the considerations that are specific to these individualized procedures.

Important Breast Augmentation Considerations

There are several factors that will impact your breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Orringer will discuss these with you during your consultation in order to arrive at a customized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and goals:

  • Your tissues and dimensions – Your natural breast size, the amount of natural breast tissue you possess, and your body type will impact the style and size of breast implant that may best achieve your goals.
  • Size expectations – Dr. Orringer strives to achieve a new breast size and shape that looks natural and in proportion to your body type, while taking into consideration your personal aesthetic preferences.
  • Pregnancy considerations – The desire to have children down the road won’t rule you out as a breast augmentation candidate, but it’s important to understand that pregnancy and childbirth may adversely impact your results. Plans for future pregnancies might affect the recommended timing of your surgery.
  • Lifestyle factors – If you lead an active, athletic lifestyle, you should discuss this with Dr. Orringer. In some instances, he may recommend a size that may be more consistent and comfortable with your athletic lifestyle.

Please contact Dr. Jay Orringer at The Renaissance Medical Center for Aesthetic Surgery, Inc. using the form on this page or call (310) 697-7163 today to schedule your breast augmentation consultation. We serve patients in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Hollywood, California, as well as nationally and internationally.

10 Tips For Better Results From Your Breast Augementation Procedure

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